MailCleaner Edition 2017.09 "Jessie" released

New releases and patches informations

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MailCleaner Edition 2017.09 "Jessie" released

Post by FlorianB » Fri Sep 08, 2017 2:37 pm


I'm pleased to announce the new MailCleaner 2017.09 "Jessie" !
From this version, MailCleaner Enterprise Edition and Community Edition are merged into one solution so community will benefit from features as soon as they are available.

You can download it from here: Download Page
These VMs formats are now available:
  • QCOW2 (KVM, Proxmox, OpenStack, Xen)
    VMDK (VMware ESXi)
    VMDK (Workstation, Fusion)
    VHD (Hyper-V, VirtualPC)
    OVA (standard, compatible with most hypervisors)
    Amazon AMI: Final version is not available yet.
List of compatible Hypervisors is not exhaustive.

Isos will be available later this year and scripts to migrate 201704 Beta or existing Community 201410 installation should be announced in some hours in this post ! A patch will also be available to mix 201410 and 201709 version in a cluster.

You can visit the community site at

Finally, don't hesitate to give us your feedback about MailCleaner here: MailCleaner 2017 "Jessie" feedback Topic
and about the website here: New Website feedback Topic

No need to update anymore as the Updater is included in MailCleaner and auto-update is enabled (each night).

Summary of Keys features of MailCleaner 2017.09 "Jessie":
- Merging of both Community and Enterprise Edition (easier future maintenance)
- Blacklist for system (global), domain and user levels
- Newsletter detection module
- Better spoofing protection
- MailCleaner "Configurator" Wizard
- Update of Apache to version 2.4.25 (64bits) and Php to version 5.6.29, new Apache configuration with updated Cyphers
- Update of Exim to version 4.88 #2
- Update of Perl version 5.20.2 (correction of a lot of bugs in Custom modules, MailScanner and SpamAssassin parsing)
- Fixed a lot of security issues
- MailCleaner custom kernel disapeared to let place to Debian default kernel (easier future updates)
- Real time filtering switches for .js/.jse , .docm/.dotm , .wsf : in archives or not (experimental features: activated by command line)
- Update system moved to git
- Public released code on GitHub
- New registration page for Enterprise or Community (optionnal)
- New graphical theme
- Tooltips for feature descriptions (admin interface)
- Two new languages: Italian and Dutch (for user interface)

As producing a list of all changes since 2014 could be a bit long and boring, we'll provide the link to the Enterprise release page indicating all changes for each version (except this one, we have to work on it yet). The last Community version was 2014.10 and this one is the 2017.09 : Release Page

Once installed, don't hesitate to register (or re-register for people using the beta) to receive informations about new release, technical informations and more.
And if you appreciate our work on MailCleaner, talk about our product to your sysadmin or postmaster friends :D

A special thanks to all people who contributed to this final version one way or another (bug report, patches, providing VM or AMI, moderation of this forum :wink: ), you could find their names by browsing the beta feedback post but we think especially to: toothycardus, uncltom, cglmicro, florima, dlikar, reb0r, merkatz, Knude, Klug, derdanilo, orionmanufacturing, andiweidl and itexit.

Thank you.
MailCleaner Team
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Re: MailCleaner Edition 2017.09 "Jessie" released

Post by FlorianB » Tue Sep 12, 2017 2:52 pm


Here come some tools long time announced and finally released that should be useful for old ( :D ) community users:
(These tools are completely optionnal and if you use only the new version of MailCleaner, they should be completely useless)

Migration from 201410 Community Script
This script let you migrate some configuration data from your MailCleaner Community (2014.10) to the new MailCleaner Community (>= 2017.xx)
Domains, users, administrators and white|warn|black lists are imported.

Fix DB and SpamHandler for clustering MailCleaner Community Edition 2014.10 with 2017.xx
If you're planning to create cluster with a MailCleaner 2017.xx (or Higher) and a MailCleaner 2014.10, you need to run this script.

All you need to get these two tools is to clone the MailCleaner-Community-Tools github repository, enter the folder and launch the desired script !

Code: Select all

cd && git clone
Best regards,
MailCleaner Team
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Re: MailCleaner Edition 2017.09 "Jessie" released

Post by bourgeois » Tue Feb 05, 2019 2:45 pm


You should now be in version > 2018.x and with updates from github

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