Password Notification on web page, Updates & Legitimate Emails

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Password Notification on web page, Updates & Legitimate Emails

Post by khajas1985 » Tue May 19, 2020 10:36 pm

I was able to install on vmware esxi and configure and put in use with existing mail server how ever i have couple of questions if you could please help me with:

1. Although i have changed the password for web and root from the wizard on web interface but there is still a notification on top of the screen that system is not safe as i am using a default mailcleaner password. If i run the wizard again still no luck. I didn’t change the database password as it says only change before setting up cluster and I don’t get that step.

2. I am monitoring the email delivery and found couple of legitimate emails from a particular domain are being blocked. From where i can allow the emails from that domains or whitelist the domain.

3. I have not yet allowed the incoming SSH ports on firewall, i understant the updates are to be done manually. what kind of updates are those and how will i come to know the updates are pending and do i need to update the anti spam modules regularly?

Thank you so much for the mailcleaner. we have recently migrated to mailcleaner from barracuda.
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