MailCleaner community Edition 2010, beta 2 released

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MailCleaner community Edition 2010, beta 2 released

Post by olivier » Fri Jan 22, 2010 3:04 pm

Hello !

I'm pleased to announce the release of the second beta of MailCleaner Community Edition 2010.

You can download it here:
64bit version: ... _64bit.iso
32bit version: ... _32bit.iso

This is mainly a minor bugfix release. There are no major new feature and it should be far stable enough for production. The beta still remains for both the installation process and the web admin interface where some bugs may still be discovered.
Also many underlying softwares have been updated to their latest release (kernel, exim, apache, mysql, php, etc...).

As requested by many of you, there is now a 32bit version. Both 32 and 64bits versions also contain a new kernel which should provide better hardware compatibility as long as support for many virtual environments (although this is still not recommended nor officially supported :wink: ).

Also, the clustering question is still not really clear on our side, so you will still have a broken status windows when working with multiple slaves. I will post a temporary solution for this soon. In the future, clustering will still be available, but only managed and built manually (like today). Advanced clustering feature will be integrated in the Enterprise Edition first.

For the remaining points, this beta should fix all the bugs reported from beta1, but anyone is strongly encouraged to test this version and send any feedback/bug report.
As I said, when it comes to mail handling/filtering and user web interface, this version is really stable and could safely be used on production.

As usual, the Community Edition does comes with almost all anti-spam features disabled by default. It's up to you to enable (and feed/build) them as needed.

Upgrade from beta 1 to beta 2 can be applied with these commands:

Code: Select all

> aptitude update
> aptitude safe-upgrade
> cd /usr/mailcleaner
> cvs -q update -dP
> /usr/mailcleaner/bin/ --update
> /etc/init.d/mailcleaner restart
Hope everyone will have fun with this version !
Please feel free to post comments/feedback here (please post bugs in the appropriate section) :
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