MailCleaner community Edition 2010, beta 1 released

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MailCleaner community Edition 2010, beta 1 released

Post by olivier » Sat Nov 07, 2009 9:09 am

Hi !

good news, the long wait is about to end !
I'm pleased to announce the first Beta release of the MailCleaner Community Edition 2010 Installation CD.

A lot of things have improved and changed. Amongst the most important are:

- all new web interfaces (both user and admin)
- based on GNU Debian 5, with custom build of latest versions of SpamAssassin, ClamAV, MySQL, Apache, PHP, etc...
- simplified installation process through the Installation CD
- improved scanning engine based on MailScanner with new modules (TrustedSourced, UriRBLs, etc...)
- guest virtualization support (VMWare, Xen, HyperV)
- and many more new smaller features...

Please note that most of the anti-spam modules are disabled by default as access to some databases and/or services (like dnslists) may not be completely free and restricted by their license and other modules (like ClamSpam, NiceBayes) requires you to build some databases first.
By default, only a basic SpamAssassin setup is enabled, so spam protection will not be optimal.

You can download the ISO file here: ... 64bits.iso (612 MB)
(md5 sum: ... 64bits.md5)

And a short installation how-to:
- download and burn ISO of the MailCleaner installation CD
- insert CD and start the computer (make sure it will boot on the CD first)
- choose "MailCleaner Automatic Installation" and hit return (Warning, this will erase any disk connected !)
- let the process install the base system, and reboot when finished (this may take a few minutes, don't forget to remove the cd)
- once the system reboot it will automatically launch a basic console configuration tool
- follow the different steps to configure the base system (keyboard, network, root password, etc...)
- and finish with the latest step: MailCleaner installation
- once the MailCleaner Installation is finished, you can connect to the MailCleaner web admin interface with you favorite browser to this url: https://your_mailcleaner/admin (where your_mailcleaner is either the IP address you configured or the hostname if your dns are already configured).

Next, enjoy the new Web Admin interface !
The following steps would usually be to add and configure the domains to be filtered and also have a look at the Anti-spam settings in order to activate and populate some of the modules.

Once authentication connectors are correctly set up for your domains, users will be able to log in their own Web User interface (quarantine, help, settings, statistics) through this url: https://your_mailcleaner/

Once again, I'm sorry for the long delay, but I wanted to have something nice, and I hope you will enjoy it !

Please also note this is still beta software, although the main MailCleaner engine should be quite stable, the kernel is an rc5 release. It has been tested but may not be considered like a fully stable release.
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