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MailCleaner patch 2009012201 released

Posted: Fri Jan 23, 2009 11:59 am
by olivier
this new patch includes all new features of the previous 2007080901 Pre-Release patch along with modification of the Debian archive sources paths.
It also includes update of the clamav binaries.
If you already have installed the 2007080901 Pre-Release patch, you must reset the cvs tag before applying this patch.
For that:

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> cd /usr/mailcleaner
> cvs update -dP -A
then follow the standard way of updating:

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> cd /usr/mailcleaner
> cvs update -dP updates
> bin/ 2009012201
As usual, due to the amount of data being downloaded, it might take some time. Be patient until you received the final OK.

Please feel free to post any feedback/problem/question about this patch here: