MailCleaner patch 2007012801 released

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MailCleaner patch 2007012801 released

Postby olivier » Sun Jan 28, 2007 10:59 pm

This patch includes minor bug fixes and improvements, along with some new features like white/warn listing and TLS support.

WWlists are disabled by default. We still consider these features as dangerous. Spammers are using smarter methods and massive whitelisting will be a killer for any spam filter in the near future. Now you have been warned.
To be used, you'll have to enable it first for the whole system in the AntiSpam configuration panel. Then you can enable it either for whole domains (on a per domain basis, through the domain configuration panel) or only for seperate users (through the manage by email configuration panel).
Once enabled, users will be able to edit their lists through their web interface (parameters panel).
Warnlists are a compromise between users experience and security. If a sender who has been placed on a warnlist got a message detected as spam, the system will send a warning message to the recipient. This message will contain a force link along with an analysis request.
This will let your users know whether they are attacked by a smart spam, or if something is really wrong with the filter. You can then be aware of potential false positives and have a chance to fix them.

As we are still in a huge framework rewrite, the changelog does not reflect the importance of the update. Some major scripts have been reworked from scratch and thus may conflict with changes and unofficial patches you may have applied on the source code.
Be sure to backup your /usr/mailcleaner directory before applying this update. The new update system should be able to handle conflicts, but is not yet completly tested. If conflicts are found, files are normaly replaced with the official ones, and the conflicting file is saved in .conflict file. You can then check them to reapply your modifications.

As usual, this patch will take some time to install because of all the binaries files it has to fetch (about 130MB).
Previous patches have been partially included in this one, so they will apply fast. But you still have to apply them on a fresh install !

Please be sure that previous patches have been installed.

See here for the changelog: ... :changelog

And see here to update your system: ... on:updates
Posts: 1348
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Postby olivier » Tue Jan 30, 2007 5:17 pm

A bug has been found in the update. It only affect the new whitelisting functionnality. It doesn't break anything else.

If you applied this patch before the 30 January at 17h30 GMT+1, you might have to update a few files in order to get the whitelisting fully working.
If you applied it later, then you should already have the fix.

In order to update these files, just do that on the command line:

Code: Select all

> cd /usr/mailcleaner
> cvs update -dP

and then restart the engine.

Sorry for the inconveniance, but there are some annoying delays in with the CVS repository at sourceforge that prevent some backport from our main cvs to complete successfully. I will take care of that for the future.

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