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exim updates

Post by Pascal » Tue Oct 01, 2019 11:20 am


We updated the version of exim to 4.92.3 as the current version was suffering from a security issue, here is the CVE :
https://www.exim.org/static/doc/securit ... -16928.txt

We didnt update this announcement channel for a long time. We apologize for this.
This being said the security issues are fixed in the same time for the Community Edition and the Entreprise Edition so even if this channel was not properly updated, the Community Edition was supported as you probably expect, that is to say as fast as possible.

Note the update will be automatically performed at 02/30 AM on your servers if you want to have this update sooner, you only need to run

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on all servers of the cluster (one by one as this will stop and restart MailCleaner s services)
When the installtion is done, the command

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dpkg -l |grep exim
should return "4.92.3"

Best regards,
MailCleaner Team
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