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Actual status

Post by olivier » Mon Dec 04, 2006 9:26 pm

Hi there !

as you may have noticed, I've not been very active on the forum for the last few days.
Don't worry, the project is more active than ever, but I really have been very busy (and even got a flue :wink:).

The fact is that, I work for a company that greatly help the project and give me time to provide the open source version. But as we didn't get any dollar from it for the last three months, it will become hard for me to justify hours on the forum. I'm not really happy of the situation, and I'm really not a money guy, but I have to do with it. And I cannot continue answering all questions (somes many times) and providing *free support* as I've done until now. Hope you understand.
Morover, I realized that I've been spending more time on the forum that actually coding. This is also frustrating and does not serve the project.
So I will only provide free support on my spare time, which means I won't be answering to all posts and follow every thread.
I will ask you people to help youreselves, but of course, I will still answer critical questions.
A big thanks to all you people for helping each other as you do. Keep going and the I'm sure the project will keep getting better.

Now, for the status part, here is what I'm on, and what is coming next. Keep in mind this is subject to change because of the customers needs, but is quite a good idea of the roadmap:

- white/warn lists. This is actually in production on some of our customers. It is not completly ready to be widely spread because I have started a rewrite of the outgoing script. It will now include a fork process that will keep the database connections, removing the need to start a new one on each spam to be logged. I hope this will greatly decrease the load. The user/domain preferences access is also being rewritten, using dumped files. Once again, databases access will not be needed anymore.
- review and integration wherever possible of the jordant work. Sorry not to have done this earlier, but don't worry, it's going on and thanks again for your help.
- backups
- master/slave promotion
- outgoing filtering
- user/domain customizable preferences
- message raw view in the quarantine
- logging and tracing improvements
- global graphic plotting (and done by the gui, not in the cron)

I intentionally don't give any date, because it's not possible to be sure of anything. But I hope I can follow the trend of one patch per 2 months (if not better).

Anyway, thanks for using MailCleaner and giving me feedback and ideas. It is an amibtious project, but with your help, I'm sure we can get it were we want !
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