MailCleaner patch 2006111701 released

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MailCleaner patch 2006111701 released

Post by olivier » Mon Nov 20, 2006 1:51 pm

This patch includes some new features like greylisting and text recognition in attached images.

The greylisting can be activated on a per domain basis, and some global settings can be adjusted in the SMTP configuration panel.
The text recognition is done through the FuzzyOCG plugin for SpamAssassin and does a good job (it's only triggered when the message has not yet reached a certain score, lowering the cpu hit).

A new statistic gathering method has been put in place. Datas are not anymore logged in the database, but computed in real time in flat text file, globaly, per domain and per user. Check the /var/mailcleaner/spool/mailcleaner/counts directories.

The stop/start/restart buttons where improved and are now more stable.
MailCleaner now uses the ClamAV perl module instead of the command line interface.
The differents MTA stages are no more querying the database for routing information, but dumped files are used. This is more reliable in case of a MySQL failure.
These are internal changes but quite major. This is the base framework for other enhancements in the future.
The update system has also been improved and will now exit if something wrong happens with downloads. This will ensure the system will not be broken until network problems are solved.

Other softwares were also updated. SpamAssassin goes 3.1.7 and PHP goes 5.2.0.

As usual, this patch will take some time to install because of all the binaries files it has to fetch.

Please be sure that previous patches have been installed (actually only one patch)

See here for the changelog: ... :changelog

And see here to update your system: ... on:updates
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