MailCleaner Community Edition 2012.6 released

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MailCleaner Community Edition 2012.6 released

Post by olivier » Thu Jun 21, 2012 12:45 pm


I'm pleased to announce the release of MailCleaner Community Edition 2012.6

You can download the ISO installation images here:
64bit version: ... _64bit.iso
32bit version: ... _32bit.iso

This released is aimed at fixing some issues with some virtualization environments. It should now install correctly on latest versions of:
- KVM / Proxmox
- Hyper-V
- VMWare
- Xen

Note for VMWare users (64bit version only):
the VMWare tools can be installed, after MailCleaner is being installed, using these commands:

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> apt-get update; apt-get install mc-vmwaretools
Note for Xen users:
due to a bug with grub2 and the Xen console, the first splash screen where you must select the "MailCleaner automatic installation" option from the menu may not display and simply show a black screen. In that case, simply hit return once and wait some seconds to have the installer start. The rest of the procedure will work fine and the installer will install a plain text grub loader for future boots.

In order to upgrade from a 2011.9 version (don't do that if you already are in 2012.x version), you will have to download and run the following script:
Basically by doing that:

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> cd /root
> wget
> chmod u+x
> ./
In order to upgrade from a 2012.5 version, follow the traditional procedure:

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> aptitude update
> aptitude safe-upgrade
> cd /usr/mailcleaner
> cvs -q update -dP
> source lib/updates/
> stabilizeBinaries
> install/
> install/
> /usr/mailcleaner/bin/ --update
> /etc/init.d/mailcleaner restart
you may have to reboot if you want to take advantage of the new kernel, but this isn't required for MailCleaner to continue working.

Please feel free to post comments/feedback here (please post bugs in the appropriate section) :
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