MailCleaner Community Edition 2012.5 released

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MailCleaner Community Edition 2012.5 released

Post by olivier » Sat May 12, 2012 10:03 pm


I'm pleased to announce the release of MailCleaner Community Edition 2012.5

You can download the ISO installation images here:
64bit version: ... _64bit.iso
32bit version: ... _32bit.iso

This release is mainly a Debian distribution upgrade. Since the Lenny version of Debian is no longer supported, everybody should upgrade.

In order to upgrade from a 2011.9 version, you will have to download and run the following script:
Basically by doing that:

Code: Select all

> cd /root
> wget
> chmod u+x
> ./
This script will proceed to the whole upgrade to Squeeze as long as the 2012.5 version of MailCleaner.
It will first update the base packages, reinstall the bootloader, pre-download the remaining packages and the new MailCleaner version and reboot the system. On reboot the system will continue the upgrade by updating the remaining packages and proceeding to the final configuration steps.
The whole upgrade will take at least 20 minutes on fast system but may take longer on slower ones, so be patient.

Please feel free to post comments/feedback here (please post bugs in the appropriate section) :
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