MailCleaner Community Edition 2011.9 released

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MailCleaner Community Edition 2011.9 released

Post by olivier » Wed Nov 09, 2011 3:45 pm


I'm pleased to announce the release of MailCleaner Community Edition 2011.9
It is stable and thus is not flagged beta any more (which was quite too conservative :wink: ).

You can download the ISO installation images here:
64bit version: ... _64bit.iso
32bit version: ... _32bit.iso

Here is a short summary of new features/changes:

- Improved status display of hosts with automatic reloading
- Added all SMTP level statistics (rejection, relaying, etc…)
- Added system hardware statistics (i/o, network, etc…)
- Added digest summary mode
- Added system mail sender address (for summaries, can now be different than support address)
- Added full DKIM signing/verifying
- Added full BATV signing/verifying
- Added option for rejecting bad SPF at SMTP level
- Added option for rejecting messages from the same domain (anti-spoofing, per domain)
- Added option for rejecting incoming/relaying unencrypted session (per domain)
- Added new domain configuration panel for outgoing relay options
- Added option to prevent relaying messages from unknown domain
- Added better SSL/TLS certificate handling in web gui (immediate check of validity)
- Added SPF dnslist in TrustedSources module
- Added new MailCleaner official SNMP MIB, downloadable in https://yourmailcleaner/admin/downloads ... ER-MIB.txt
- Added option for domain managers to be able to manage/create subdomains
- Added information on tracing panel
- Added downloadable log extracts from tracing panel

Upgrade from version 2010 (beta 1/2/3) can be applied with these commands:

Code: Select all

> echo "LANG=en_US.UTF-8" > /etc/default/locale; export LANG=en_US.UTF-8
> aptitude update
> aptitude safe-upgrade
> cd /usr/mailcleaner
> cvs -q update -dP
> source lib/updates/
> stabilizeBinaries
> install/
> install/
> /usr/mailcleaner/bin/ --update
> /etc/init.d/mailcleaner restart
You may have to clear your browser cache in order for the new javascript to be reloaded.
The statistics (rrds graphics) may also be cleared by the updates as the new statistics module is quite different.

Also note that from now on, we changed our release cycle procedure and we will be able to backport from the Enterprise Edition quite more often.
The 2012 Enterprise Edition that is expected to be released on December 2011 should be available for the Community Edition by late January.
So be prepared to update soon with even more new features :wink:

Hope everyone will have fun with this version !
Please feel free to post comments/feedback here (please post bugs in the appropriate section) :
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