Anti-Spam/Content protection issue?

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Anti-Spam/Content protection issue?

Postby directict » Mon Feb 01, 2016 9:15 am


Recently I noticed that we received a message from which the mailserver was listed on several blacklists, this same message also contained an attachment.

I noticed that after looking for PreRBLS mailscanner did not scan the mail for content:
Filtering Engine:
Jan 19 16:32:30 MailScanner[25893]: PreRBLs found sender hostname: for on message 1aLYGK-0000oW-SD
Jan 19 16:32:40 MailScanner[25893]: Spamc result is not spam (4.8/5.0) for 1aLYGK-0000oW-SD

For Example: I forwarded the same message to a different e-mail adres and because my mail server is not listed on any blacklists it did scan the message for content and found a suspicious file:
Jan 19 21:21:38 MailScanner[1774]: name="./1aLcmT-00063O-Kb/confirmation.doc", threat="Win32/PSW.Fareit.A trojan", action="", info="

So it seems that mailcleaner does not scan the message for content if the sender's mailserver is listed in PreRBL's, how can i make it so that it always scans both things?

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Re: Anti-Spam/Content protection issue?

Postby FlorianB » Tue May 03, 2016 3:01 pm

"PreRBLs found sender hostname" doesn't mean you re blacklisted simply than the module found the hostname.
Content is always scanned, there is no possibility to avoid that normally so this is a little bit confusing. Maybe you checked some rbl at SMTP level making the message rejected ?
If you need help of the forum, i would suggest to post all headers each time it is possible. Hard to diagnose with two lines.
Best regards,
Florian Billebault
MailCleaner Team

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