From address on emails does not match sender

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From address on emails does not match sender

Postby micahsheets » Thu Sep 08, 2016 9:23 pm

Some emails are relayed from MailCleaner to email server with the From address changed so the email appears to come from an address that it was not sent from. In cPanel I can see that the sender is correct but the from address as seen in mail clients has been changed to a random address on the domain the email was sent to. I can see that the email appears to already have it's From changed between the time it was received by MailCleaner and sent to cPanel. What might cause this behavior? Also it is only happening to one domain on MailCleaner, the other domains seem to be fine.
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Re: From address on emails does not match sender

Postby FlorianB » Fri Sep 16, 2016 11:12 am

You have to know than the From adress you see in MailCleaner is the "Mail From" or "Enveloppe From" used by MTA to route messages. The From you see in your Mail Client can be different (spoofing or not, both case could happen), it is called "the Data From".
At MailCleaner level, whitelists and some others features works with the MTA From, and maybe you tried to do action by entering the Data From you seen in mail client.

I can't be more precise as we have no example here of message (need full headers) to analyze.

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