DMARC quarantined when passed SPF and DKIM

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DMARC quarantined when passed SPF and DKIM

Postby toothycardus » Fri May 13, 2016 4:22 pm

I hope it is me being an idiot, but i have a domain that is emailing in that is passing SPF, DKIM and DMARC but it has added +50 score MC_DMARC_QUARANTINE.

Code: Select all

DMARC results: spf_align=yes dkim_align=yes enforcement='Accept'

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 Message 1b1ELM-0009YO-B4 from ( to is spam, Spamc (score=50.5, required=5.0, DKIM_VALID_AU -0.1, T_LONELEY_LOVE 0.0, HTML_MESSAGE 0.0, J_CHICKENPOX_32 0.6, DKIM_SIGNED 0.1, DKIM_VALID -0.1, MC_DMARC_QUARANTINE 50)

Any help would be great as my mind is not in the best of state on a Friday afternoon.

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