Possible issue with SMTP callout

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Possible issue with SMTP callout

Postby Pentangle » Tue Jul 23, 2013 6:04 pm


I identified a strange issue with a single domain on my mailcleaner today. We have quite a few domains working properly, and I have a single exchange server on the same LAN as the mailcleaner (mailcleaner also delivers correctly to a couple of other exchange servers in another location).

One domain (of the circa 50 domains on the exchange server and behind mailcleaner) refused to accept email from mailcleaner, citing "Relay not permitted".

It was a domain set as an alias domain to another which works fine. To test, I deleted and recreated the domain and it still failed, whilst the same email sent from outside to an account on the domain and to my account on a different domain but on the same mailcleaner and exchange server was received correctly.

I then disabled SMTP callout, and the message was sent on successfully (SMTP callout works on all other domains on that exchange server)

The only thing I could think of is that the domain has two hyphens in it (e.g. info@word-word-word.com) whereas others have one or zero. However I realise that's clutching at straws.

Any ideas?

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