Couldn't find "dangerous" e-mails in content quara

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Couldn't find "dangerous" e-mails in content quara

Postby ordoghl » Fri Jan 26, 2007 9:17 am


Yesterday I installed the 2007011901 patch successfully. After that I configured dangerous content settings like "HTML content checks" and "Message format checks" to block.
This morning all of our users complain that every e-mail addressed to them was replaced by mailcleaner with a notification which contains:

Mailcleaner: Message was not encrypted

I would like to release these e-mails - as stated in notification e-mail - but I can't find them in content quarantine using Content Id (eg. 20070125/1HA9ga-00027m-Gq).

Where are these e-mails?

Laszlo Ordogh
--Laszlo Ordogh

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