Timeout Settings and Queue Delay

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Timeout Settings and Queue Delay

Postby rebus » Tue Dec 12, 2006 6:37 pm

This is related to my other post on long queue delays, but I felt it might help others when performing searches to start a new thread specifically related to this.

In the Antispam settings, I am using SpamAssassin, Razor, and DCC. Timeout settings are 20 seconds for SA, and 10 seconds for Razor and DCC, so theoretically a message should not sit in queue any longer than (20+10+10) 40 seconds + whatever (presumably minimum) queue management overhead exists.

With that said, what conditions are present that would cause a message to sit in the Filtering queue for as much as 5-10 minutes? Are messages in the Filtering queue processed serially (one at a time) or in parallel (two or more simultaneously)? The messages currently stuck in the Filtering queue for many minutes are tiny (under 8k) so it's not because of long antivirus scanning on huge file attachments.
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Postby dennisadvani » Fri Dec 29, 2006 1:03 am

I have exactly the same problem, most emails wait from 5-10 minutes in the filtering queue before being sent to the mail server, it can be quite frustrating when doing testing with emails as I have to constantly go to the mail cleaner interface and force the queue if I want to read an email quickly. This is what usually appears in the outgoing mail log (I've removed the real email address):

Code: Select all

2006-12-29 11:30:51 1H05dM-0001Uw-6r == username@domain.com.au R=filter_forward T=remote_smtp defer (-53): retry time not reached for any host

Is this related to the SMTP retry time? It would be great to sort this out.

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Postby olivier » Fri Dec 29, 2006 2:54 pm

both problems may not be related as, if I did understand, for the first messages are queued in the filtering stage and the for other in the outgoing stage.

For the filtering stage, this is were messages are stored before being processed by the MailScanner process (anti-spam + ant-virus), so in a normal situation, this is were the messages will get stuck in case of high load. The MailScanner will scan this spool every 5 seconds and process all the messages it founds (up to 30) in one batch (note you can have many batches working in parrallel).
One batch of 30 message should not take more than 1 minute to be processed. For safety reasons, messages in the queue will not be deleted until completion of the whole batch.
The time messages will spend on queue will depend on the system load. If you have more then 50'000 messages per day or are getting short in memory, you may see this spool increase. Check the engine log to find out if timeouts or if something seems very slow.
You may also try to start MailScanner ans SpamAssassin in debug mode (at the end of /usr/mailcleaner/etc/mailscanner/MailScanner.conf_template, don't forget to reset the changes after that).

For the outgoing stage, message get queued here if MailCleaner cannot deliver them directly. This may be because of a network problem, or something with the destination server. Messages with invalid sender/recipients may also be frozen a few days here when no callout is used in the incoming MTA.
You should normally not see lot of messages here. Go back to the log to search for the first error that appears for this destination server.
There is surely something that went wrong. Exim won't use retry time unless something went wrong with the destination server. Otherwise, messages will be instantly delivered.

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