“Content quarantines” doesn't work for only one domain

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“Content quarantines” doesn't work for only one domain

Postby ics » Tue Oct 18, 2016 12:57 pm


We have an issue with the “Content quarantines” functionality. It works well for several of our domains except one.

Emails that should have content in quarantines seems to appear in the list but the information shown aren’t relevant at all. For example, the date become “2 2”, no recipient, no Sender, subject is “2” and the three icons of content are shown (but it can be the same with the number “1”). Of course it’s not possible to release the message or show the detailed information.
This problem is the same if we use the search option or the message ID.

However, if I look in the tracing menu, the message is found and all information appear correctly.

Does anyone have a suggestion?

Many thanks,

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