ClamAV tweaks not sticking!

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ClamAV tweaks not sticking!

Postby wolfsden3 » Sun Oct 09, 2016 11:31 pm

Why when I try to adjust the clamd.conf file and restart clamd on the web gui the f'ing config file that I just edited gets overwritten?

Editing: /usr/mailcleaner/etc/clamav/clamd.conf

Code: Select all

# Desired modifications:

# Detect Possibly Unwanted Applications.
# Default: no
DetectPUA yes

# In some cases (eg. complex malware, exploits in graphic files, and others),
# ClamAV uses special algorithms to provide accurate detection. This option
# controls the algorithmic detection.
# Default: yes
AlgorithmicDetection yes

# This option enables scanning within PDF files.
# Default: no
ScanPDF yes

# With this option enabled ClamAV will try to detect phishing attempts by using
# signatures.
# Default: yes
PhishingSignatures yes

# Scan URLs found in mails for phishing attempts using heuristics.
# Default: yes
PhishingScanURLs yes

# Use phishing detection only for domains listed in the .pdb database. It is
# not recommended to have this option turned off, because scanning of all
# domains may lead to many false positives!
# Default: yes
PhishingRestrictedScan yes

I've noticed this annoying little thing about mailcleaner that you can't for some unknown reason directly edit conf files. Why in the hell is this happening?

I'm so frustrated!!!

I edit > restart service > lose all my friggin edits!!!
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Re: ClamAV tweaks not sticking!

Postby FlorianB » Tue Oct 11, 2016 3:32 pm

Search for the same file with a _template at end. There is a template system for conf file generation from DB.
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Florian Billebault

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