Exim acl_check_conn condition

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Exim acl_check_conn condition

Postby PKej » Tue Dec 08, 2015 9:44 am

Hello, I found very effective putting 10s delay before accepting SMTP connection. I know, it's nothing new. But I need exclude IP address of my internal mail server since I don't want SMTP delay when relaying mails.

In exim_stage1.conf_template I have acl_check_conn like this:

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accept hosts = <; __SMTP_CONN_ACCESS__;
       delay = 10s

How can I add this condition in acl_check_conn? I am totally lost in condition syntax of exim config. :(

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if (sender_IP == mail_server_IP) then
  delay = 0s
  delay = 10s
end if


Tried this, but it must have some fatal error because MTA didn't accept any SMTP connection after applying.

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condition = ${if eq {$sender_address}{} {delay = 0s}{delay = 10s}}

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