Quarantines and tracing logs location + hardware sizing

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Quarantines and tracing logs location + hardware sizing

Postby narglix » Thu May 16, 2013 3:14 pm


I've some questions about Mailcleaner:

1) In a cluster mode what is the behaviour if a user use successively the master and after the slave (due for example by the master crash or load balancing MX) where are stored the bloqued mail ?
Can he have a part of the quarantine stored in master and the other in slave antispam ? Or is it aggregate into only one mailcleaner ? I want avoid the user receiving 2 reports because of dispatching of the quarantine.

2) Concerning the sizing of the hardware, I've read the requirements and see in forum to add 1 GB of RAM by 15'000 messages/day. Is-it right ? Does it concern also the spam messages or just the sent/received clean mails. Is there an available tool to correctly size my hardware ?

3) I found the user guide in the commercial site but I don't find an exhaustive documentation for the installation part and for all the settings. Is it planned to release this guide in addition to the wiki ?

Thanks in advance for your answers.
Kind regards


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