Hosts are unresponsive after cluster setup

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Hosts are unresponsive after cluster setup

Postby Deepblue » Mon Apr 09, 2018 2:20 pm


I have 2 MC's node. ID = 1 and 2
I used to apt-get purge iptables, now they can ping each other, telnet is working on 3306.
Cluster wizard complete.
After all, I login in master and everyting went wrong.

Hardware : no data
Spools : no data
Load : no data

Host : 1 (mc01) – Unresponsive
Host : 2 (mc02) – Unresponsive

Sometimes Host 2 is UP, but Greylist daemon never start, and Host 1 (master) still unresponsive. Waiting few seconds, and Host 2 is unresponsive again.

/usr/mailcleaner/bin/ did NOT help.

Anyone else any idea?
A step by step configuration guide for cluster? :)

You can see on the picture.


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