Specific upgrade questions...

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Specific upgrade questions...

Postby Pentangle » Wed Feb 28, 2018 2:33 pm

Hi all,

I have 5 instances of Mailcleaner 2014 on VMware. They have been customised with additional RBL lists, custom_rules files, and minor tweaks here and there over the years and they work well.

They currently support 157 domains and 518 users as per the front page of the web portal.

My cluster master is on 32bit Debian Squeeze whereas the slaves are all on 64bit.

I understand there's a migration path to Mailcleaner 2017 and I don't mind temporarily losing the customisations and needing to put them back in again, but how do I get this 5-node cluster to 2017?

a) it requires the installation of git and I can't seem to get that working on the 32bit version
b) I believe the 32bit version isn't supported in 2017 anyway so I would need to go for a 64bit version, which isn't a problem to host, only how do I migrate to it?
c) do I upgrade a slave before the master? or the master before slaves?


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