Issues after moving mailcleaner

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Issues after moving mailcleaner

Postby ufo56 » Fri Apr 06, 2018 11:21 am


I have some weird issues after moving from virtualbox to esxi 6.5. I used esxi converter to move VM from virtualbox to esxi.
2017.09 version.

1) Daily quarantine reports comes double. Every mailbox.
2) WebGUI graphs shows always same numbers everywhere
3) Every night between 3 to 7 in morning whole system crashes. Only webgui is accessible. Even if status page shows service( incoming, outgoing MTA etc) running but in reality its not.

Every morning procedure :P

root@mailcleaner:~# /etc/init.d/mailcleaner restart
Stopping mailcleaner:
Stopping Apache: stopped.
Stopping Exim stage 1: stopped.
Stopping Exim stage 2: stopped.
Stopping Exim stage 4: stopped.
Stopping MailScanner: stopped.
Stopping Newsld daemon: stopped.
Stopping SpamAssassin daemon: stopped.
Stopping ClamAV daemon: stopped.
Stopping ClamSpam daemon: stopped.
Stopping DCC client daemon: stopped.
Stopping SNMP daemon: stopped.
Stopping greylisting daemon: stopped.
Stopping Statistics daemon: stopped.
Stopping Preferences daemon: stopped.
Stopping firewall: stopped.
Stopping slave DB: No mysqld pid file found. Looked for /var/mailcleaner/run/mysql_slave/ stopped.
Stopping master DB: No mysqld pid file found. Looked for /var/mailcleaner/run/mysql_master/ stopped.
Starting mailcleaner:
Starting master DB: started.
Starting slave DB: started.
Starting firewall: started..
Resyncing DB... done.
Starting SNMP daemon: started.
Starting Statistics daemon: started.
Starting Preferences daemon: started.
Starting Preferences daemon: (already running) started.
Starting DCC client daemon: started.
Starting ClamAV daemon: started.
Starting ClamSpam daemon: started.
Starting SpamAssassin daemon: started.
Starting Newsld daemon: started.
Starting MailScanner: MailScanner running with pid 8639
Starting Exim stage 4: started.
Starting Exim stage 2: started.
Starting Exim stage 1: started.
Starting greylisting daemon: started.
Starting Apache: started.

Should i reinstall whole system ?

EDIT: Found answer, i think. viewtopic.php?t=2645

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