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Change Forum software + SSL and give it a reboot

Posted: Wed Mar 08, 2017 2:35 pm
by derdanilo
Hey Guys,

phpBB is quiet old and does not really implement what modern forums should look like.
Hence I suggest a forum reboot with SSL and modern software like

Saying that I think that it might be good to completely reboot the forum with the new mayor version of mailcleaner.
The product itself will be two in one and not two seperate things anymore.

@Mailclearner Team:
Please also check my PMs I wrote you.

Happy to get feedback!

Re: Change Forum software + SSL and give it a reboot

Posted: Wed Mar 08, 2017 3:38 pm
by FlorianB
I just read your MP and i'll try to reply as soon as i can !

About the forum, we just updated to a newer version of phpbb !!! Is anything like discourse (or other solutions) better ? Probably but we have almost no time to maintain this forum, and nobody should forget than phpbb is a well known and stable solution. We could use Ubuntu or Arch for our base of MailCleaner too, but be sure we'll don't ;-)

And to be honest, if one day we success to finish everything we opened as feature tickets for MailCleaner, i would be happy to update community forum or site, but the main point are: This is functionnal, and it doesn't really need to be clean and modern to work (say the guy which asked for a new graphic theme for MailCleaner version based on flat design ;-) )

PS : Little thing about something modern and functionnal: MailCleaner Community migrated to Github some weeks ago, not available publicly yet but it will be with the new release. Two branch, master for stable community code we'll maintain (with addition from community coming from dev branch) and dev for public pull request and to keep some functionnality we couldn't add in the base community. More on that when available !!!

Florian Billebault
MailCleaner Team

Re: Change Forum software + SSL and give it a reboot

Posted: Wed Mar 08, 2017 5:03 pm
by derdanilo
Discourse is very stable as well and extremely easy to maintain (via gui, one button upgrade mainly). You can run it via docker (easiest way to backup and "transport" if required) or on your server of choice.
This is just an idea, not a requirement. I really want to push mailcleaner to the front and humans need candy to be interessted in things. :mrgreen:

Switching forum software is not like switching the OS. Please stay with Debian! Ubuntu is like a dev branch. :D
Very nice that Mailcleaner moves to Github! 8)